An Incredibly Sad Comment by a Woman Who Had Two Abortions

Gizmodo is one of the websites that I regularly visit for tech news. It offers a diverse array of stories ranging from reviews of Android apps to humorous videos to futuristic innovations. One of their favorite topics these days is Siri, the intelligent assistant built into the Apple iPhone 4S (as an Android guy, I assure you that blogging about anything related to Apple is quite difficult for me, but I digress). Tonight, as I checked out Gizmodo, I ran across an article entitled, “Is Siri Pro Life? Apparently Yes.”

The article went on to detail how numerous reports by users show that Siri lacks the ability to find an abortion clinic when asked. As expected, hundreds of commentators weighed in and by the time I logged on to view the article, the discussion had become a full blown debate on abortion. As I read through the comments, the one below hit me particularly hard. To me, it shows the inherent selfishness of the pro-abortion crowd. And it reveals once again that those who have abortions very often do not do so for altruistic reasons, but for their own well-being. A woman with the moniker VerdantWater posted this:

OK then, I killed a person (actually 2), which is my legal right to do, because I didn’t want another human being using my body for 9 months, and possibly hurting or killing me (childbirth is still the number one killer of women worldwide). I stopped something from affecting my health, the ability to do my job, from ruining my psychological life, and I prevented passing along my family’s not-so-great genes onto the next generation. And the ‘life’, which had no consciousness (and I don’t believe in souls as an atheist) never even knew it, and it happened in a totally natural way (I used IU486 both times, so exactly like a miscarriage). I’m morally totally fine with that. If you are not, then don’t have an abortion, that’s fine with me. I could not live with children of my own, nor could I afford it – at 34 I am currently finding a home for my cat because I’m unable to provide adequate care for her.

To whoever said that women who have had an abortion live with it for the rest of their lives – I say yes, and thank goodness I don’t have two kids right now. I’m glad for that every single day. Incredibly thankful. If I had to kill two non-conscious, 5-week old balls of DNA that could become people one day, I really have no issue with that.

How sad is that?