Sermons on 1 Timothy

Rod Walls

Honor in the Household of God

The Apostle Paul gave Timothy some specific instructions on how the church in Ephesus was to treat widows, elders, and slaves.  While some elements may seem distant and irrelevant today, Rod Walls explains how and why these precepts are still applicable to the Church.

McCurdy Family

1 Timothy 4:6-16

In an age where false teachers abound on television and even in our local communities, Michael McCurdy takes a closer look at how churches can guard against such threats.  From 1 Timothy 4:6-16, Michael presents five qualities of a good pastor.

Rod Walls

The Church’s Creed and Conduct

Though some have an aversion to terms like, “creeds” and “doctrines,” Rod Walls explains from 1 Timothy 3:14-16 that these have always been a part of the Christian faith and serve, among other things, to inform us of how to live and function as a church.

Rod Walls

Church Leadership

Rod Walls explains the qualifications and duties of both elders and deacons in the church and considers how Paul’s instructions to Timothy compare to modern practices, especially among Southern Baptists.

Rod Walls

Order in the Church

  In what has become in recent decades a contentious text, Rod Walls reminds us of the context and then explains the responsibilities of men, the adornment and demeanor of women, the distinctive roles of men and women, and why these remain essential to maintaining the order God has intended for the home and for His Church.

Michael McCurdy

1 Timothy 2:1-7

In this often contested passage Michael reminds us of the main concerns Paul had with the church in Ephesus when writing this letter to Timothy, as well as the intended remedy.  Having already addressed false teachers, Paul now instructs the church to place an emphasis on praying for all people.