John 12:20-26

Listen in to this special service where we were joined by Pascal and Becky Grenade, missionaries in Mauritius, heard from the youth and college ensemble, and were blessed as Pascal spoke on the cost of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

D.R. Randle

The Further Work of the Holy Spirit

In an age where terrorism, threats against the Church, and assaults on the infallibility and authority of Scripture abound, the Christian has good reason for their hearts not to be troubled.  In this message D.R. unfolds the continuing work of the Holy Spirit as revealed in John 14:25-31.

D.R. Randle

Vision Sunday, 2016

D.R. Randle presents his annual “Vision Sunday” message where he reviews events of the past year and reflects on why believers can have hope about things to come.  This year D.R. points to selected passages from Revelation, demonstrating that worship and proclamation of God’s Word are appropriate no matter how intensely the Church may be persecuted.

Ryan Millar

Matthew 1:18-25

Pastor Ryan Millar explains the meaning of the name “Immanuel” and why “God with us” is vital not only for the Christian of today, but also for those who do not yet know Jesus Christ in a saving way.

Randle Family

John 15:1-11

In the hurry surrounding Christmas and New Years celebrations we can sometimes lose our joy.  In this sermon Pastor D.R. Randle explains how the Christian can can experience the joy that Jesus had during His earthly ministry.