Rod Walls


Peter was not just an obscure follower of Jesus, he was the most determined of His Apostles, and yet with the trial of Jesus about to get underway Peter quickly denied Him…and with little pressure.  Rod Walls opens up John 18:12-27 and shows how Peter’s faithlessness contrasts with Jesus’ faithfulness and why that is good news to […]

D.R. Randle

Aligning Against Jesus

Many who celebrated Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in the matter of just a few days turned against Him, with one of His disciples playing a key role in His betrayal.  This rapid change in the public’s sentiment toward Jesus Christ is happening again in our own time.  Should the Church be concerned?  Listen in as D.R. Randle […]


John 17:20-26

At the close of what is commonly referred to as Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer,” He prayed that His disciples, both present and future, would be unified just as He and the Father were unified.  Today, many cite this passage when arguing for unity between the Church and a variety of cults.  Listen in as Bobby McCreery explains […]

Rod Walls

The High Priestly Prayer

Rod Walls continues the series on Jesus’ prayer just prior to His arrest and crucifixion.  In this message Rod explains how Jesus identifies and intercedes for His disciples.  Though Jesus was in such agony at this point that His sweat became like drops of blood, Rod explains why this prayer should bring comfort to Jesus’s disciples […]

D.R. Randle

The Assurance of the Resurrection

On this Easter Sunday while much of the world is busy celebrating vestiges of pagan beliefs, Pastor D.R. Randle explains why the Church is instead focused on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Preaching from Acts 2, Pastor Randle demonstrates how Jesus’ resurrection assures the believer they have a future beyond death, that the promise of the […]

Ryan Millar

The Glorified Son Glorifies the Father

John 17 is often described as the holiest passage in all of Scripture.  In this passage Jesus is praying to the Father just prior to His crucifixion. Ryan Millar expounds on the opening sentences of this unique prayer by our Great High Priest, identifying Jesus’ request to be glorified, His reason, and His definition of glorification.  Open your […]

D.R. Randle

The Overcoming Work of Christ

Nearing the end of His earthly ministry Jesus told His disciples that He had “overcome the world.”  How so?  D.R. Randle explains from John 16:25-33 that Jesus overcame their ignorance of his teachings, separation from the Father, lack of faith, and forthcoming troubles.  What was true for His disciples is also true for the Christian […]

D.R. Randle

Waiting for the Return of the King

As the time was nearing for Jesus to return to the Father, He informed His disciples in a little while they would not see Him, but again in a little while they would see Him.  This confused His disciples and continues to challenge Christians even today.  D.R. Randle offers some clarity to the Christian by identifying and explaining three themes in […]

Ryan Millar

Our Helper, The Holy Spirit

When Jesus was nearing the time of His crucifixion He told His disciples that when He left He would send a Helper, the Holy Spirit.  From John 16:4-15, Ryan Millar identifies and explains three key workings of the Holy Spirit today.  In addition, this recording includes a special prelude from the Polcyn sisters that is sure to stir your […]

D.R. Randle

John 15:18 – 16:4

Should followers of Christ expect the world to like them?  Should Christians be surprised when the world hates them?  Listen in as D.R. Randle explains the basis for the world’s hatred of the Church and why the Christian should not fear such opposition.