D.R. Randle

John 11:28-44

In this 3rd in a series of messages on the resurrection of Lazarus, D.R. points the Christian to Mary’s reaction to the death of Lazarus, Jesus’ emotion (which may surprise you), and Lazarus’ actual resurrection.

John 11:17-27

In this familiar passage dealing with the death and resurrection of Lazarus, D.R. explains how Jesus denounced superstition, risked death, challenged perceptions and presuppositions, declared truth, and called for a response.

Bobby McCreery

John 10:1-10

In this familiar allegory, Bobby challenges the Christian to see the deeper meaning and theology contained within, the reason why the Pharisees did not understand, and how Jesus transitioned from a picture of a door to a sheep fold to the reality that He is the door to everlasting life in heaven.

D.R. Randle

When Those Who See Are Actually Blind

When Jesus gave sight to a man who was born blind several interesting responses followed.  Listen in as D.R. shows how John 9:8-34 reveals a curious case of a transformed life, the divisive power of Jesus Christ, the impotence of evidence to an unregenerate heart, and the anger of the blind against the light.

D.R. Randle

John 8:48-59

Skeptics often argue that Jesus never claimed to be God.  Is that true?  Listen in as D.R. explains the importance of believing Jesus’ testimony that He is both eternal and God.