Sermons from June 2015

D.R. Randle

John 8:48-59

Skeptics often argue that Jesus never claimed to be God.  Is that true?  Listen in as D.R. explains the importance of believing Jesus’ testimony that He is both eternal and God.

Mark McAndrew

Who Do You Think You Are?

Many today are trusting in their own works, hoping they will somehow earn their way into heaven.  However, this is not what the Bible teaches.  Listen in as Mark McAndrew explains from Romans 3 that our hope is found exclusively in the finished work of the Savior, Jesus Christ.      

D.R. Randle

John 8:43-47

Does praying a certain prayer, signing a card, or walking an isle save a person?  There were many Jews who believed in Jesus and yet Jesus confronted them with a stark reality that not only were they not of the Father, they were actually of the devil.  How does this relate to the believer today?…